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What lifestyle do you picture in retirement? Whether you’re looking forward to years of peace and relaxation, or have your heart set on seeking adventure and trying new things, your retirement is a chance to do more of what you enjoy. When you retire, you’ll want to maintain the lifestyle you’re accustomed to, whilst incorporating any additional spending such as trips abroad and leisure activities.

On average, a retired couple within the UK require around £18,000 a year for basic living expenses. This figure increases to £26,000 a year with the inclusion of European holidays, recreation and dining out, and shifts up to £40,000 a year with long-haul holidays and a new car every five years added to the spending equation. With the state pension paying out approximately £7,000 a year per person, planning for financial security will give you peace of mind for the future, matching your desired lifestyle to the predicted income you'll need for a comfortable and fun retirement.

So, whether you’re midway through your career, a few years away from retirement age or have already retired, it’s never too late to start taking control of your finances, and make them work for you in the years to come.

Our pensions and retirement planning services

Retirement planning can be split into two main parts. Firstly, we'll help you to identify the most efficient way to build your savings for retirement, taking into account your needs and risk appetite to provide you with the standard of living you wish to achieve after you finish working. Once you're close to retirement age or are in retirement, we're on hand to find the best way to draw down a suitable retirement income from your savings, investments and pensions. Even the most careful retirement plans can be affected by unforeseen medical bills, stock market losses, changes in personal circumstances and government policy amendments. Whilst preparing for your retirement is important, financial planning throughout your retirement is critical for maintaining a comfortable lifestyle.

At Angell Mallinder, we take the time to understand what’s truly important to you, and assist you in achieving your retirement dreams with transparent, personalised advice. With years’ of experience and expertise, we'll help you to build up and draw down funds for your retirement, utilising pensions and other investment strategies to make your dreams a reality.

We provide comprehensive pension and retirement planning services including:

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Guiding you through every step of the way

Saving for retirement

We can provide holistic advice on saving and investing depending on how close or far you may be from retirement, assisting you in creating an optimised retirement strategy.

Getting ready to retire

We take a close look at your financial situation and help you to accomplish everything you need to retire comfortably, with personalised retirement plans and investment opportunities.

Managing money in retirement

Utilising smart investment and withdrawal strategies, we'll help you to make your finances last throughout retirement whilst minimising taxation, regularly reviewing your plans.

Useful Tools

We have gathered a collection of useful financial calculators and informative guides, which should be used for illustration only. Please note that these calculators are on third party sites, meaning that we don't store or see any of the information you may input into these calculators.

Pensions Shortfall

Work out your State Pension age and see if your likely retirement income is less than you need to fund your desired lifestyle.

Find a Lost Pension

If you've lost track of your pension over the years, this useful tool from the UK government can assist in providing the provider's details.

State Pension

Find out more about the UK government's state pension and assess your eligibility and income amount.

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