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How could investing improve your financial worth?

If you've saved before, you have probably utilised bank and building society accounts to ensure financial security with easily accessible finances. Whilst cash savings provide an essential safety net for big purchases and rainy day funds, the low interest rates on these accounts aren't optimised to make your money work. In addition, savings accounts may fail to keep pace with UK inflation rates, reducing the buyer power of your money over the long-term. In comparison, investing your money offers the opportunity to achieve potentially higher returns than cash, increasing your financial worth.

We provide a wide variety of innovative and forward-thinking investment solutions to individual clients and institutions across the UK, using our expert knowledge and understanding of market trends to identify worthwhile opportunities for you. Diversifying your investments across a range of assets to manage risk and maximise opportunities, we are proud to offer a broad remit of asset classes from equities, bonds and commercial property through to alternative investments such as commodities and hedge funds.

A tailored approach for your needs

In our initial complementary consultation, we’ll take the time to fully understand your individual objectives, financial requirements and risk appetite. Depending on financial circumstances and objectives, we work with clients across the entire risk spectrum, from those seeking a more conservative investment strategy, to high-risk, high-return styles. To achieve higher investments, it's expected that a higher level of risk will be taken. We will assist you in deciding upon the appropriate level of risk to be implemented across your investment portfolio, defining the types of assets that best suit your needs. Combining portfolio implementation and monitoring with ongoing review processes, the Angell Mallinder team will help you to continually align your investment activities with your current circumstances.

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