Life Assurance

Life Assurance

Financial peace of mind for the generations to come

It’s never easy to contemplate death or incapacity, but arranging a life assurance or protection policy is an important part of the financial planning process. Receiving a lump sum from your life assurance upon death will help to pay off any outstanding debts or mortgages, pay for funeral arrangements and, if you have a spouse or dependents, provide your family members with financial support. The only thing your loved ones will have to cope with is the tragic loss of a loved one, without the additional stress of stretched finances and an uncertain future.

Whilst insurance comparison websites offer generic policies to suit all, it’s important to note that life assurance policies can come in a variety of different forms, including Term Assurance, Whole of Life and Endowment. Working alongside some of the top insurers across the UK, our specialists source the best possible life assurance policy for you, fully understanding your requirements with a free initial consultation. We’ll regularly review your financial circumstances to ensure that your life cover needs are always optimised to meet your current situation, whether your income changes, you have another child or you remarry.

Insurance premiums are typically paid to the insurance company on a monthly or annual basis, either for a fixed period of time or until you die. Your Angell Mallinder adviser will ensure that the lump sum benefits of your life assurance policy is allocated to your chosen beneficiary and that you are safeguarded from any inheritance tax liabilities. If deemed suitable to your situation, we can place the death benefit within a trust, ensuring that the money is outside of the estate, free from inheritance tax and quickly available to your dependents without the long process of probate.

Please be aware that many types of life assurance will included a detailed assessment of your health. For individuals with pre-existing conditions or a long medical history, we will work with specialist insurers to source a policy tailored to you.

Business protection assurance

We are also able to offer business partnership and key man assurance policies to protect the life of a business you leave behind. Detailed research carried out by Legal & General found that almost 50% of businesses would fail if a key person were to die, become critically ill or develop a long-term disability. Business assurance policies help your firm to continue to succeed without individual talents and specialisms, providing continuity and avoiding financial loss.

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Why is life assurance so important?

Protect Your Family

Creating a financial safety net for your family upon your death provides total peace of mind, covering debts, mortgages and general living costs for your loved ones. Money cannot make grief bearable, but it can reduce additional stress during a tragic time.

Planning for a Funeral

With many life assurance policies including an option of a lump sum payment, your policy could be used to pay for the cost of a funeral. with average funeral costs skyrocketing in recent years to over £4,000, this can help to reduce financial pressure.

Ensure Your Business Survives

Protecting your business from the financial impact of losing a key member of staff is essential for continuity, providing a buffer against loss of profits or a drop in share prices, repaying loans and paying for the recruitment of a replacement.

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