Financial planning

Financial planning

Assisting you on your financial journey

Financial planning is never ‘one size fits all’, and it’s important to work with an adviser who delivers a truly genuine approach in line with your financial circumstances. At Angell Mallinder, we can provide you with unbiased guidance on pensions, savings and investments, inheritance tax, estate planning, protection and more. We create a bespoke strategy for you that covers all financial facets, working alongside industry specialists in both accountancy and law for a holistic view of your financial future. From buying your first home to planning your retirement, we’re here to provide you with peace of mind throughout critical stages of your lifetime, aligning with your goals and objectives. Browse our range of financial services today, or get in touch for a complementary initial consultation to discuss your options.

A comprehensive range of financial services

  • Pensions & Retirement Planning

    What lifestyle do you picture in retirement? Whether you’re looking forward to years of peace and relaxation, or have your heart set on seeking adventure and trying new things, your retirement is a chance to do more of what you enjoy. We'll help to get you on track for a financially secure and care-free retirement, whether you are midway through your career, close to retirement age or have already retired.

  • Inheritance Tax & Estate Planning

    Implementing a plan to protect your estate is one of the most important financial decisions that you will ever make. We create bespoke estate planning strategies to make sure your wishes are followed upon death, maximising your beneficiaries' inheritance whilst minimising tax liabilities.

  • Life Assurance, Business Protection & Keyman Insurance

    It’s never easy to contemplate death or incapacity, but arranging a life assurance or protection policy is an important part of the financial planning process. We design and source tailored life assurance or business protection insurance strategies to suit your needs, ensuring financial peace of mind for your family or business partners.

  • Trusts

    Trusts can be utilised in a variety of scenarios to make the most of your allowances, minimise inheritance tax and provided for your loved ones. At Angell Mallinder, we're experienced in creating and administering a wide variety of trust types, scenarios and applications, with the knowledge and experience you'll need to find the right trust, for you.

  • Tax Planning

    Within the UK, the taxation system is notoriously complex, and it’s easy to miss out on opportunities to reduce the amount of tax you pay if you don’t take tax advice. We take the complexity out of personal and corporate tax planning, delivering strategic services to minimise your liabilities and tax expenditure.

  • Investments & Asset Management

    Working alongside you to understand your risk appetite and investment needs, we deliver comprehensive asset management, fund management, investment planning and advisory services to meet your financial objectives. Whether you're looking to focus on a specific type of asset investment, or would like to grow your stocks investment portfolio, the Angell Mallinder team are here to help.

  • Business Advice

    Whether you're a limited company, sole trader or partnership, working alongside a trusted team of financial advisers can lay the foundations for an effective and profitable business. We'll help you to visualise and plan for your company's future, understanding the varied strategies available to deliver good business financial planning and protection.

  • Cashflow Modelling

    We'll help you to take complete control of your money by visualising your financial future through our state-of-the-art prediction software. We’ll transform the way you save, spend and retire by outlining your current and future financial situation, enabling you to make smarter, more tangible financial decisions such as education, weddings, retirement, gifting and inheritance tax planning and avoid any shortfalls.

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