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Whether you're a limited company, sole trader or partnership, working alongside a trusted team of financial advisers can lay the foundations for an effective and profitable business. It can often be the case that businesses are so busy looking after their clients that they don't take time to concentrate on how success within their business can best translate into real, personal wealth. Offering a range of specialist services to all sizes of businesses, we tailor our service approach to match your financial and investments needs, covering key aspects including business protection, workplace pensions and tax liabilities.

Understanding the true importance of good business financial planning and protection, we're here to help you to make the most out of your enterprise and achieve the success you desire. We can:

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Putting the effort into effective financial planning can literally pay dividends, allowing a business to grow at a more accelerated pace than those with inefficient planning processes. Financial planning is much more than simply arranging employee benefits and pensions, covering all of the right measures for your business to ensure that you're in the best position to achieve your goals and protect your company.

At Angell Mallinder, we'll help you to effectively plan your company's finances through a focus on short and long-term wealth accumulation, investment strategies, savings plans budgeting strategies, at whatever stage of your financial lifestyle.

At Angell Mallinder, we offer business partnership and key man assurance policies to protect the life of a business you leave behind. Detailed research carried out by Legal & General found that almost 50% of businesses would fail if a key person were to die, become critically ill or develop a long-term disability. Business assurance policies help your firm to continue to succeed without individual talents and specialisms, providing continuity and avoiding financial loss. This can assist with repaying business loans, protecting profit and paying for recruitment costs to replace important members of your specialist team.​

For many businesses, their staff is their most valuable asset, so this could be the cover you're looking for. A key person can be any individual who contributes to a company's success through their skills, knowledge, experience or leadership, and can include any member of your team from owners and managing directors to creative specialists, R&D staff or sales managers.

Offering benefits to your company’s employees is a fantastic way to grow your business, whilst also protecting it for the future. Competitive benefits packages are often well-placed to assist with top-level recruitment, in addition to helping you retain and motivate your most talented staff. Whether you would like to offer a standard benefits package to your employees, or empower your team by allowing them to choose their own benefits from a range of options you set, Angell Mallinder are here to help. We’ll help you to set your priorities and choose the most suitable package, offering holistic advice to suit your specific needs, boosting employee retention rates and morale whilst building a positive working culture.​

Arranging company and director pensions remains one of the most tax-efficient ways for business owners and company directors to save for retirement, without incurring income tax, National Insurance liabilities or corporation tax for the firm. Directors may prefer to establish a separate pension plan from their employees, due to differences in tax position, length of contract or requirement for a more tailored plan to suit their needs. We’ll work with solutions such as Small Self-Administered Pension Schemes (SSASs) and Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs) to give you greater control over the way in which the assets in your pension are managed.

With a compulsory auto-enrolment scheme recently introduced by the Pensions Regulator, it’s vital to ensure that you put into a place a solid strategy for handling pension enrolment. Without this, you may face penalties of up to £500 a day for employers with less than 50 employees. The Angell Mallinder team is here to provide peace of mind on your auto-enrolment scheme, making sure that any employee who is aged between 22 and State Pension Age, and who earns above a lower limit, is covered under the new legislation. For companies who do not currently offer a pension to their employees, we can also recommend a suitable pension scheme to meet your needs.​

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